Somatik Cold Brew Coffee 80mg


Calyx Brands - Somatik/Reeform
Brand Name
80.00 %


Somatik High Dose cold brew is an uplifting coffee infused with 80mg of THC per bottle. It’s a week’s worth of happiness or a perfect high-test treat! Brewed with dandelion root, cacao nibs and four times the dose of THC, Somatik HIGH DOSE Coffee will put your mind and body at ease. Caffeine and THC are great on their own. Together, they are magical! Caffeine sparks your motivation while THC helps ease anxiety and adaptogens help you adapt to stress. Somatik High Dose Coffee delivers 10mg of THC per ounce to help you boost brain function, maintain energy and have a better day. Sip it anytime for instant stress and pain relief.


Somatik is defining a new market of flexible doses that integrate into every lifestyle. Developed through groundbreaking partnerships with award winning Ritual Coffee Roasters and Endorfin Chocolate, Somatik products are a perfect pairing of connoisseur ingredients and craft cannabis. Born in the rich California culture of wellness, Somatik products help unlock mind-body balance, and increase wellbeing through approachable microdosed servings.