La Vida Verde Restore Tincture CBD 1:1 600mg


Brand:La Vida Verde
THC:300 mg
CBD:300 mg
LA VIDA VERDE, Inc / Blank
Brand Name
La Vida Verde


The Restore Tincture from La Vida Verde is made with a synergized and balanced blend of CBD and THC in a divine 1:1 ratio. May help ease pain, inflammation and increase an overall sense of wellbeing. This formula contains infusions of orange, roman chamomile, lavender and grapefruit for a citrusy-sweet taste. The Restore Tincture contains no alcohol, gluten or sugar and is vegan and Non GMO.

La Vida Verde

La Vida Verde started in 2015 with a mission to provide healthy organic consumable cannabis products, made with only the highest quality ingredients. Their tinctures are crafted with botanical extracts which enhance the effects of the cannabis extract. Everything they do is organic, vegan, non-gmo and gluten-free.