Dr. Raw 1:1 Balm Stick 100mg


Brand:Dr. Raw
THC:42.91 mg
CBD:43.43 mg
Cypress Manufacturing Co
Brand Name
Dr. Raw


This shea butter-based balm has a smooth, buttery texture that is smooth and non-greasy. The Dr. Raw balm rubs right into your skin and absorbs easily leaving a soft, smooth surface. Featuring a pleasantly light lavender and eucalyptus smell. Made with organic, non-GMO and fully vegan ingredients. Packaged in a convenient roll-on form for easy on-the-go application. The stick contains 50 mg of CBD and 50 mg of THC.

Dr. Raw

Dr. Raw products are made using a unique and sophisticated extraction process paired with high quality organic, non-gmo, vegan ingredients. Their ‘ultra distilled cannabis oil’ is processed to remove unnecessary plant waxes and fats so it’s highly pure and effective. They also remove the terpene profile in their oil, so all Dr. Raw products are free from any color or skunky cannabis odor. These advanced extraction techniques guarantee ultimate consistency batch after batch. Dr. Raw is based in San Diego, CA.